The stories of our Members

Meet the proud members and retirees of the OPSEU Pension Plan. They all have a story to tell about the value of defined benefit workplace pensions.

Julie Kingstone and Keenan Wellar

Julie Kingstone and Keenan Wellar

We had established a few goals for the organization: pay people fairly, provide decent health benefits, and provide a pension.

Diane Walker

Diane Walker

When you start, sign up right away! You’re going to deal with stress in your job, you don’t want to deal with stress in retirement.

Jason White

Meet Jason, your new Community Lead!

Fellow Pension People! My name is Jason White and I am extremely excited to join you in the People for Pension campaign as your new Community Lead.


Warren Dodds

Warren Dodds will gladly tell you he is one of the oldest employees within his department at the Ontario Clean Water Agency – and he has advice for his younger co-workers when it comes to planning for retirement.

Andrew Locker

Making the jump to the OPS: Meet Andrew

I felt a strong pull to the public service and wanted to be part of a profession that is committed to improving the well-being of the public.

David Ferguson

David Ferguson

This former Conservation Officer has published his first novel – just one of many adventures he’s enjoyed since collecting his defined benefit pension.


Becky Wang

This new member of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) knows the pension plan she’s paying into today will pay off decades from now.

Melissa Bruno

Melissa Bruno

As a young person, pensions are important to me because I want to ensure I can retire one day without having to worry about not being able to meet my own basic needs.

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