Diane Walker

Diane Walker

Diane Walker will tell you that every job is stressful, but with over 14 years experience as a Correctional Officer, her job is probably more stressful than most.

As a Correctional Officer, my everyday work life is stressful, said Diane. It’s the kind of job where you need to know that you will be able to enjoy your retirement.

Throughout her career Diane has worked in a number of correctional facilities, and currently works at the Toronto South Detention Centre. Though the work can be difficult, Diane takes comfort in knowing her pension will be there when she retires.

“It takes away one of the worries in my life,” said Diane. “The only thing you should have to worry about in retirement is what you’re going to do with your days.”

Growing up in Mississauga, Diane envisioned a career in law enforcement, eventually joining Correctional Services in her late 20s.

“I saw friends working as Correctional Officers and they were able to buy houses,” said Diane, “and when my parents heard the word pension they said ‘you gotta get that job!’”

Starting as a contract worker, Diane opted to begin paying into her pension right away. Though permanent full-time employees are automatically enrolled in the OPSEU Pension Plan, contract and fixed-term workers are given the option to join.

“It took four and half years for me to become full-time,” said Diane, “I’m glad that I didn’t have to deal with the stress of buying back service.”

Diane’s advice to her young workers deciding whether to contribute to their pension:

When you start, sign up right away! You’re going to deal with stress in your job, you don’t want to deal with stress in retirement.

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